The Fight for Lyme is All Around Us

If you’ll remember, a few posts ago I wrote about the amazing work that Paula Jackson Jones and Angele Rice are doing at the Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education; a Lyme disease awareness organization here in Maine. Their endless capacity to continue to show support and spread awareness is only outmatched by their incredible ability to put on an event. That’s right, folks. In this wild world of Lyme disease, we can have fun, too.

This Saturday, April 29th, MLDSE will be hosting their 3rd annual conference for all things Lyme related. This event is free–though donations are accepted–and will be held at the Wiscasset Community Center in Wiscasset, Maine. It is open to the public and it is encouraged that you come and bring a friend! On the Facebook page for the event, it states that this year it will be “an epic Lyme disease conference”-and that, my friends, sounds like an experience worth having.

At this year’s conference, the keynote speaker will be Kenneth Liegner, MD—a renowned doctor and documenter in the field of treating Lyme disease. In addition to Dr. Liegner, a representative from IGENEX will be there, Bob Maurais of Mainely Ticks, Lori Dennis, author of Lyme Madness, Jordan Fisher Smith author, speaker of Under our Skin and so many more–including a Lyme literate physician Q&A panel. The opportunities to learn more than you could ever have imagined are endless.

Built into the busy schedule that starts at 8AM and goes until 5:15PM, are stretch breaks and a lunch; gluten free options available. In addition, they have already thought about those who are too sick, too busy, too far away or any other ‘too’ to come to the event. For $20 (shipping included) you can pre-order the DVD and conference booklet, something I took advantage of last year and was very pleased about it.

If you’re interested in going, their website is packed with information; including a list of places to stay, a copy of the schedule and more information on the event itself.


One would think that this event alone is big enough for a summer extravaganza, but the real exciting stuff won’t be happening until May! Can you believe it? On Saturday, May 6th Midcoast Lyme Aide benefit ride & concert will be taking place at the Taste of Maine restaurant in Woolwich, ME. This event is in memory of Bill Chinnock and all proceeds will benefit the Midcoast Lyme Aide Fund.

I know, that was a lot of information in a small paragraph. That’s because this event is SO GREAT and will be so much fun. Let me explain so more:

What is a benefit ride & concert? Well, Ridin’ Steel, a television program that exclusively features motorcyclists that ride for a cause, will be hosting a ride of the Midcoast loop to benefit Lyme disease. What this means, is that if you have a motorcycle and love to ride while simultaneously helping change the world, you should show up to Taste of Maine in Woolwich at 12PM to sign up. More details? Check here:

Who is Bill Chinnock? Bill was an incredible musician known for his albums Badlands and Dime Store Heroes and also for his part in being one of the original members of the Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. After returning to Maine, Bill contracted a severe case of Lyme disease that seemed to resist treatment. In March of 2007, after suffering greatly from his fight with Lyme, Bill Chinnock died. This concert will serve as reminder of the talent shared and lost to this miserable disease.

What is the deal with this concert? The concert–hopefully the first of many–is being hosted by the lovely Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education and the Ticked Off Music Fest. Together, along with partners Taste of Maine and Ridin’ Steel, they have created an unbelievable live event that will take place at 5PM and feature Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Vini “Maddog” Lopez (another original member of the E Street Band), some Blues Hall of Famers and some of Maine’s greatest musical gems including The Mallett Brothers Band. Tickets are on sale here:

What is the purpose of such a magical concert? The goal is to raise awareness. All proceeds will go to benefit the Midcoast Lyme Aide Fund which works tirelessly to provide services and financial assistance to those in need of testing for Lyme or related tick-borne diseases.

For more information on the concert, check out these sites:

So, basically, you should all check out these two wonderful events to help raise awareness for Lyme disease. I don’t want to bum people out, but it is increasingly more important to keep fighting for Lyme awareness and education. People are dying from this disease. More people are affected by Lyme on a yearly basis than Breast Cancer, Zika Virus and HIV/AIDS, respectively. It is an epidemic that is sorely lacking in funds and support and desperately needs our nation’s attention.

Spread the word.

Hannah Barry

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I am a 26-year-old Mainer. I was bit by a tick 4+ years ago and I've been battling Lyme disease and its various coinfections ever since.