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The Fight for Lyme is All Around Us

If you’ll remember, a few posts ago I wrote about the amazing work that Paula Jackson Jones and Angele Rice are doing at the Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education; a Lyme disease awareness organization here in Maine. Their endless capacity to continue to show support and spread awareness is only outmatched by their incredible […]

An Inside View of Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education With Paula Jackson Jones

There is no cure for Lyme disease. And there is great controversy and medical division surrounding diagnosis and treatment options. Medical professionals who treat Lyme often don’t work with health insurance, thus treatments and initial testing can become astronomically expensive. There are still many in the medical community at large that won’t even give Chronic Lyme […]

A Lesson in Lyme: Navigating the World of Treatment

Everybody has their own opinions about what treatment protocol is best, or what they believe is the correct way to treat Lyme disease. This post is not about me pushing my beliefs onto you, but about outlining the different types and some of the most popular forms of treatments to help you better understand the […]

The Unadulterated And Unpleasant Truth About Lyme Disease

As I was beginning my research and gathering information for what will now be my next post (on Lyme treatments and protocols) I realized that some of the information would be much better understood if I first prefaced it with a full Lyme and associated coinfections overview. How fun does that sound? Here we go. […]

A Lesson In Lyme: Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome vs. Chronic Lyme

First off, I’d like to define some things for you all. It is a common misconception that Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS) and Chronic Lyme are the same thing. They are not. PTLDS refers to “A condition that occurs in people who have been successfully treated by antibiotics yet still have symptoms” And Chronic Lyme […]